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Wind Performance Online Reporting

The Wind Performance Reporting System (WPRS) accepts wind energy generation and purchase data from wind plants in California. Reporting is required for energy from projects of 1 MW capacity and larger. WPRS data is reported by wind plant operators and by energy purchasers. Required reporting forms are:

All wind operators and energy purchasers:

  • CEC-1384: Verification

Wind project operators on Schedules 1, 2, and 3 or 4:

  • CEC-1385, Schedule 1: Project identification
  • CEC-1385, Schedule 2: Project technology list
  • CEC-1385, Schedule 3: Energy production from generation plants of at least 10 MW
  • CEC-1385, Schedule 4: Energy production from generation plants under 10 MW

Wind energy purchasers on:

  • CEC 1386: Power purchases

Reporting in the WPRS meets the requirements of 20 CCR 1381-89 and 20 CCR 1304 for wind plants in California. Out-of-state wind plants file Quarterly Fuels and Energy Reports (QFER) under 20 CCR Section 1304. For in-state wind plants, WPRS reporting takes the place of reporting in the QFER program, except for annual environmental reporting. WPRS reporting includes data more specific to wind energy than QFER reporting does. 

Reporting parties are encouraged to submit data through the online web portal in lieu of completing spreadsheets and PDF files. Operators and purchasers may contact the staff at this address to request online access:

Data is due quarterly on the 15th day of the following months:

Quarter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Data period Jan. - Mar. Apr. - Jun. Jul. - Sep. Oct. - Dec.
Due date Jun. 15th Sep. 15th Dec. 15th Mar. 15th

If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, data is due on the next business day.

The WPRS is designed to collect non-confidential data. However, users may apply for confidential status for certain data. That status is granted after a formal application process and determination by the Executive Director. Information on applying for that status and docketing is given here:

Data must be reported by the due date, regardless of whether confidential status is requested. To apply for the status, complete the Excel workbook and PDF data report, and form CEC-13 offline. Then submit them to the docket by the due date.